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The BVD Free New Zealand project is an exciting three-year Sustainable Farming Fund programme that launched in July 2017 to build the business case for eradicating bovine viral diarrhoea virus (BVD) from New Zealand cattle herds. We are working in close partnership with farmers and veterinarians from across the country to learn more about how BVD currently impacts their business and how much national eradication could save the industry long term.

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New Zealand cattle farmers are losing more than $150 million per year through the negative effects of BVD on animal health and performance.  As many as 35% of dairy herds and 65% of beef herds are actively infected with the virus.

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Every farm in New Zealand has a different disease status, different management style, and different risk factors that determines what the optimal BVD management plan should look like for their herds.

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You can build a better future for New Zealand farm businesses by joining the BVD Free campaign and helping us design a national eradication programme that will break the BVD cycle in your herd without breaking the bank.

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BVD could be "baaa-d" news for sheep and beef farmers

Traditionally bovine viral diarrhoea (BVD) has been considered a disease of cattle. Recently however, it has been reported to cause infections in many other species including sheep, deer, alpacas, llamas and pigs.

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Is BVD hiding in your backyard?

Protecting your herd against the significant health impacts of bovine viral diarrhoea virus (BVD) starts with knowing your BVD status and then taking appropriate steps to get and keep BVD out of your farm boundaries.

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BVD free, but still breaking the bank

When we talk about the economic benefits of national bovine viral diarrhoea virus (BVD) control, we have a strong tendency to focus strictly on the direct production impacts for the 65% of beef herds and 35% of dairy herds that are believed to be actively infected.  And not without good reason – even using conservat

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Why "natural vaccination" won't work

Given the costs of vaccinating breeding stock against BVD, many farmers and veterinarians have asked why we can’t just leave persistently infected (PI) heifers in the mob to naturally infect their herd mates prior to

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