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Tell us how you manage BVD.

Challenge 2: Build a BVD Plan

Use our tools to build a BVD plan.

Challenge 3: Test Calves at Weaning

Help us determine if screening tests can be used on calves at weaning.

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Testing cattle for BVD virus?

Challenge 3: Test Calves at Weaning


To determine whether pooled BVD antibody ELISA screening tests in beef calves at weaning  (approximately 6 to 8 months of age) can provide an accurate herd exposure status compared to sampling youngstock at the recommended age (10 to 18 months of age).


Open 1st March 2019 to 31st May 2019


Completing this challenge will earn 100 entries into the prize draw.  Participating herds will receive a FREE youngstock screening test.


We are looking for a total of 90 beef herds that meet any one of the criteria categories in Table 1 AND where a veterinarian or technician will already be out on farm during weaning to be able to collect blood samples from 15 animals.

The cost of the pooled antibody ELISA will be covered for FREE and veterinarians will be compensated $25/herd for the costs of consumables and courier fees.  We are unable to cover the farm visit or professional time costs.


Follow the link below to check the eligibility of your herd and download the certificate of eligibility. This certificate will need to be signed and attached to the Gribbles submission form. 

Confirm eligibility and download certificate

Why is this research important?

As the prevalence of BVD decreases over time, antibody-based herd screening tests  can be a cost-effective option for performing ongoing surveillance. Weaning is a convenient time to collect blood samples from beef youngstock, but the presence of maternal antibodies in their blood can still be present and interfere with the accuracy of antibody based testing. This study will help us determine if we can use different cut-off values for pooled antibody ELISA testing results to predict herd infection status.

Information Sheet

Summary details about the 'Test Calves at Weaning' Challenge can be found by downloading the Information Sheet below.

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