1. Epidemiology

What is BVD?

2. Transmission

How can BVD get into my herd?

3. Impacts

How does BVD impact herd health?

4. Diagnostics

How do I know if my herd has BVD?

5. Control

How do I control BVD in my herd?

6. Eradication

How can national eradication help?

What is BVD?


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Whether you are planning a BVD control programme for your herd or for the entire country, it all starts with having a good understanding of how the disease works and what tools we have available to control it.  Read through the modules below to brush up on your BVD basics and test your knowledge with our online quiz.

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BVD Educational Modules


1. What is BVD? (Epidemiology)

Find out more about the lifecycle of the BVD virus and what happens when individual animals get infected.


2. How can BVD get into my herd? (Transmission)

Protect your herd by learning about the different ways that BVD can spread across your farm boundary.


3. How does BVD affect herd health? (Impacts)

Learn what can you expect to see if your herd experiences a BVD outbreak.


4. How do I know if my herd has BVD? (Diagnostics)

Make a diagnostic plan to determine your BVD status and monitor changes over time.


5. How do I control BVD in my herd? (Control)

Get BVD out of your business by strategically vaccinating, testing, and culling high risk animals.


6. How can national eradication help? (Eradication)

Understand how national eradication could save New Zealand farmers millions of dollars long-term.

BVD Management Toolkits

Register online after July 15th 2019 to access interactive tools to help you plan and budget the best BVD management plan for your herd.  Further information is available in the BVD Management Toolkits below.

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